46" Teal & Silver Crystallized Glitter Potted Holiday Tree - Mirrors & Beads

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Teal Crystallized Potted Holiday Tree
Item #: 14502
Whether it's your home, porch, yard or workplace, this exceptionally beautiful tree will create an unmatched festive appearance.

Teal branches embellished with silver and teal mica glitter and clear faceted beads and mirrored accents
Wired branches for easy shaping
Total height including pot: 46"
Tree height: 40"
Base diameter: 36" (at widest point of the tree)
Comes potted in an elegant 6"H x 7.5"W silver pot, with silver and teal glitter accents where the tree is potted.
Tree is permanently attached to the pot

Tree Materials: Wire/Plastic
Pot Materials: Foam, Plastic weighted base

SKU: CMI 14502
UPC: 009312382996