72ct Red, Silver and White Shiny and Matte Glass Ball Christmas Ornaments 3.25-4"

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These stunning ornaments will add just enough class to your holiday decor. These gorgeous ornaments are a timeless classic color are sure to match your most interesting Christmas decor! This special club pack will allow you to build your collection quickly and decorate with more possibilities.

Product Features:
72-piece set
Color: red, silver and white
Finish: matte and shiny
Equipped with silver ornament caps (ornament hooks are not included)
Set features:
(4) shiny red 4 inch ornaments
(4) shiny white 4 inch ornaments
(4) shiny silver 4 inch ornaments
(4) matte red 4 inch ornaments
(4) matte white 4 inch ornaments
(4) matte silver 4 inch ornaments
(8) matte red 3.25 inch ornaments
(8) matte white 3.25 inch ornaments
(8) matte silver 3.25 inch ornaments
(8) shiny red 3.25 inch ornaments
(8) shiny white 3.25 inch ornaments
(8) shiny silver 3.25 inch ornaments

Smaller: 3.25" (80mm) diameter
Larger: 4" (100mm) diameter

Material(s): glass/metal

Set features 3.25 inch (48pcs) and 4 inch (24pcs) sized ornaments

UPC: 191296152150