6ct Kiwi Green 2-Finish Glass Ball Christmas Ornaments 3.25" (80mm)

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Children laughing, people passing in line, oh boy, it's almost Christmas time! These glass ball ornaments will grant you access to the customizable world of decor. They've been given a mixture of shiny and matte finishes for the perfect seasoning, as well. Also, with those ornamental caps, you can rest assured they have the perfect smile this holiday season!

Product Features:
6-piece set
Color: shiny and matte black
Comes in 2 finishes: shiny (3pcs) and matte (3pcs)
Balls are equipped with gold ornament caps (ornament hooks are not included)

Dimensions: 3.25" (80mm) diameter
Material(s): glass/metal

UPC: 191296007641