Set of 36 Silver Contemporary Asymmetrical Christmas Ornaments 8"

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There's a story we thought you were told, ah you don't remember it? So lets December it! These glass ball ornaments will grant you access to the customizable world of our favorite time of the year, Christmas! They come in a mixture of patterns, textures, and shapes, including bells and balls, all crowned with ornamental caps, letting you have the entire fruit basket. Oh, and about that story, it's the story of Christmas!

Product Features:
36-piece ornament set
Glass ornaments are in varying textures and shapes, including bells and balls
Balls are equipped with ornament caps (ornament hooks are not included)
Accented with glitter and mercury and shiny finish
Perfect to hang in wreaths and Christmas tree

Pendant finial: 7.5" high x 2.5" diameter
Onion: 3.5" high x 2.5" diameter
Bell: 3.25" high x 2" diameter
Matte and shiny ball: 3.25" high x 2.5" diameter
Stripe ball: 4" high x 3.25" diameter
Crackle ball: 3.75" high x 3.25"diameter
Small shiny ball: 3.25" high x 2.75" diameter
Tear drop: 4.25" high x 1.75" diameter
Finial drop: 5.25" high x 3.25" diameter
Icicle: 8" high x 1.75" diameter
Retro reflector: 4.75" high x 1.75" diameter
Shiny finial and snowflake: 4.25" high x 1.75" diameter

Material(s): glass/metal

UPC: 191296008938