Mystic White II Swimming Pool Filter Sand - 50lb Bag

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Mystic White II is the descriptive name chosen to identify this exceptionally high quality swimming pool filter sand
It's a special grade of pure white quartz sand that meets and exceeds the most exacting recommendations and specifications of major sand filter manufacturers
Larger diameter than play sand and has a mixture of white and off-white granules
Angular shaped grains entrap contaminants, increase the flow rate and clean easily during back wash
Filters everything from dirt, dust, leaves and aglae, to small stones, oil, cosmetics and hair
Carefully screened and graded to prevent clogging
Permits even flow-rate with no balling, packing or channeling
Ecologically safe, odorless and chemically inert
Will not stain or corrode filter equipment
Designed for use with residential above ground and inground pools, and commercial inground pools
Made in the USA

Weight: 50 lb bag

UPC: 257554256258