7' LED Lighted Black Eco-Friendly Solar-Powered Poolside Shower Station

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Our poolside solar shower is designed for you to enjoy a warm rinse after your swim, without having to worry about energy costs. This eco-friendly shower works simply and efficiently. All you need to do is connect with any standard garden hose, and let the water run into the shower cylinder and heat up in the sun. With anchoring bolts, all fittings and a mixer tap, it is easy to install and operate. The solar panel located on top of the shower head is in an ideal position for soaking up as much sun as possible throughout the day. It also features a rain-style shower head equipped with LED lights that change color with the water temperature.

Product features:
Shower head equipped with LED lights that change color according to the water temperature
No additional plumbing or heating required
Solar panel on top of shower head
Directional rain-style shower head
High temperature safety cut-off
Chrome plated mixer tap
Installs easily on any solid wood surface, or can be anchored into cement or other solid surfaces
18 liter water capacity

Dimensions: 7'H
Material(s): durable environmentally friendly PVC plastic

UPC: 257554091392