5-Piece Deluxe Swimming Pool Kit - Vacuum, Skimmer, Hose Hooks, Thermometer and Test Kit - SKU# POOL CENTRAL 90864

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5-piece deluxe swimming pool maintenance kit includes: vacuum head, skimmer head, thermometer and test kit

Test Kit:
pH and Chlorine test kit with liquid reagents
Comes in a blue storage kit

Jumbo, easy to read thermometer
Durable nylon anchoring cord
Reads both Fahrenheit and Celsius
Dimensions: 9.5"H x 1.9"W
Material(s): heavy duty plastic
Room for a telepole, skimmer and hose
Includes screws for easy attachment
Dimensions: 12.25"H x 4.25"W x 1.38"D
Material(s): heavy-duty plastic

Vacuum head:
Triangular swimming pool vacuum features state of the art performance
Heavy-duty molded plastic design
Push button telepole connector
Easy assembly
Dimensions: 4"H x 10.5"W x 10"D
Material(s): plastic

Skimmer head:
Heavy-duty plastic frame with long-wear fine mesh net for capturing fine debris
Attaches to most standard size poles (1" diameter)
Push button telepole connector
Easy assembly
Dimensions: 11"H x 10"W
Entire skimmer: 17"H x 11.25"W
Material(s): heavy-duty plastic/nylon

Note: poles and hoses are not included

UPC: 762152350005