Northlight is proud to assist businesses in various ways during the holidays. For retailers, we offer an amazing selection of seasonal decorations that build an impressive inventory customers will love. We also offer commercial sized seasonal decorations for large buildings, offices, and other professional establishments. Whether your goals include large-scale decorating or inventory building, Northlight has your back the entire way.

Our extensive holiday collection features Christmas favorites like Santa Claus figures, decorative snowmen, window decorations, reindeer and so much more. Browse through our blog for more information on our wreaths, artificial trees, ornaments, and all things Christmas. Check out a few of our favorite items from the Christmas 2016 catalog, and request an account to learn more about working with us.

Below, you'll get a small glimpse at just some of the many items we offer. Choose from various styles, sizes, and themes to build your own special collections, unique to your brand. We hope you find a culmination of beautiful seasonal products that inspires new goals and ventures for your business. Please contact us or comment with any questions you may have!



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Santa Figures

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