For any business, branding and marketing is crucial... but this is especially true for those in the retail industry. If you're in the beginning stages of social marketing and branding, there are five amazing resources that will help ensure your success. These are the ace up the sleeve, and once you get used to using these resources, you'll never go back. Check them out below and be sure to share any of your favorite tools in our comments section!

#1 Whiteboard Friday

Learn from the best at MOZ! Each Friday, MOZ releases a helpful video on a specific area of marketing. They cover SEO, blogging, branding, marketing, and social media. There's plenty of older posts to get you started. This makes a great Friday wind-down task!

#2 Grammarly 

Make no mistake, Grammarly is great (see what we did there?). Grammarly is a browser extension that corrects as you type. It prevents more than just spelling errors. Grammarly will correct style and grammar errors as well. It can even check for plagiarism, if you're worried your content might be too similar to something else online.

#3 Canva

Canva is an amazing way for marketers to make images with little graphic design experience. This drag and drop program runs right in the browser, and it allows you to create stunning, captivating images for your audience. Create promotions, desgin logos, and highlight your favorite products with just a few of their templates!

#4 Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a great tool for managing your social profiles. You can schedule to multiple Facebook and Twitter pages at once. In addition to convenience, Hootsuite also offers FREE webinars to help you improve your social strategy!

#5 Basecamp

Basecamp helps team members communicate in an efficient manner. Save links, upload documents, create tasks, and organize discussions. This allows memebers to share ideas and stay on track with big projects.

    Sherrie Carter