Northlight is a well-known and trusted purveyor of wholesale seasonal items. We supply Christmas Decorations, Patio Furniture, Seasonal Items, and Home Décor. In addition to supplying online shops and brick-and-mortar stores, we’re also a great resource for those interested in Drop Shipping. If you’re interested in drop-shipping, but haven’t decided what to sell and which suppliers to use, this post is your new best friend. Below, we have the five most important questions you should ask a supplier, along with our answers. If you’d like to learn more about drop shipping with Northlight, check out one of our earlier blog posts, and contact us. If you’re interested in another type of product, use our answers as a guideline for finding an ideal supplier.

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Is there a minimum initial order, or can you pay as customers order? We offer a pay as you order program.  There is no monthly fee to access our site and no minimum order size. 

Do you require a Minimum Advertised Price for all retailers? We enforce a MAP(minimum advertised price) policy.  This is to protect our sellers from undercutting each other.  It also protects our street price.  Instead of lowering your prices to increase sales, we recommend unique titles & descriptions. 


Are retailers required to sell all products or can they cherry pick what works for their store? We give you access to our complete product library through a product feed, of which updates daily.  This allows you the opportunity to quickly add & update all of our items or just a handful of targeted skus.


What profit margin can I expect? 20%-80%


What is the average shipping time my customers can expect? All orders received before 7:00am EST will be processed same business day and will ship within 24HRs of being processed. All orders submitted after 7:00am EST will be processed next business day and will ship within 24HRs of being processed. All orders submitted after 7:00am EST on Friday will be processed the following Monday and shipped within 24Hrs of being processed.