The Pantone Color Institute is the ultimate voice on color trends for décor, fashion, and well… pretty much everything. This year, professionals of the institute determined that the blend of Rose Quartz and Serenity creates the calm feeling so many of us seek out. So far, the general public has been pleased with this selection, as it creates stunning aesthetics and a welcoming atmosphere.

A personalized color scheme is the trick to creating a serene feeling in your home. While these are the two main colors of the year, you don’t want to go overboard with them. Use Pantone’s list of color pairings to complement Rose Quartz and Serenity. With a vibrant color scheme and gorgeous accent pieces, your décor will demand attention.

Below, you’ll find an array of products in Pantone shades, and their complementing colors. When you see something you love, click here for more information!

Candle Lanterns

Green Heart Cut Out Candle LanternRose Quartz Pink Ceramic Tea Light Holder


Bright Pink Ceramic Garden PlantersSerenity Blue and White Marbled Planters
Ceramic Vases

Serenity Blue Porcelain VaseRose Quartz Ribbed Porcelain Vase

Lily White and Coral Analog Wall ClockCoral and Wood Analog Clock

Artificial Succulents

Green Echeveria Succulent Plant in Ceramic White PotDecorative Artificial Succulent Plant in White Ceramic Planter


Rose Quartz and Serenity Blue Diamond Throw PillowPastel Pink Blue & Green Striped Throw Pillow