15 Amazing Holiday Decor Ideas for Retailers

By Sherrie Carter
on December 09, 2016

Christmas is here! Is your store decked out? If you have minimal decor or none at all, consider going bigger. Unique, extravagent holiday displays demand attention from shoppers. We've highlighted the best one from pinterest, to spread inspiration for Christmas decorating this year. Check them out below and be sure to comment & tell us which is your favorite!

Winter Wonderland Window

Christmas Tree Dress Form

Ornament Filled Windows

Ladder Tree Display

Window Santa Selfie

Send a Positive Message

A Little Humor

Winter Scenery

Wrap The Store!

Ice Caverns

Christmas Spirit Mannequins

Gifts & Vintage Glam

Sweater Trees

Tie Christmas Tree

Giant Ball Ornaments

Northlight at AmericasMart® Atlanta - January 2017

By Sherrie Carter
on December 02, 2016


Join Northlight at AmericasMart®!

northlight winter catalog 2016Northlight will attend AmericasMart in Atlanta, GA this January. If you're attending and new to Northlight, here's a quick post on what you can expect.

When you visit Northlight, you can browse and pre-order unique stock for 2017 Seasonal & Christmas. If it's spring and summer product you need, we still have you covered. You can order immediate shipment items from our 2016 spring/summer collection. We'll also provide a selection of fall and harvest products.

Learn more about who we are, meet us, and build your inventory with products from a strong brand that offers quality goods at competitive prices.

AmericasMart® Atlanta officially opens January 10th and runs through January 17th. You can find Northlight representatives there during this time. Meet with us and learn more about the brand. Discover new collections and products that suit your needs. We also have a few perks for our visitors, including a delicious lunch and special promotion (see below).

We're located in Building - 1 Floor 19 - Showrooms C13 and C15

Pre-register today and we'll enter you in our raffle, for a chance to win a FREE Amazon Echo (valued at $179). Contact sales@northlightseasonal.com to book now.

Additional Information
Looking for even more Northlight inventory? Be sure to visit our friends at RPM Gifts and Greetings in Building 2 - 1735




Getting the Most from Small Business Saturday®

By Sherrie Carter
on November 23, 2016

Does your retail store participate in the Shop Small® Movement? Each year, the Saturday following Thanksgiving, shoppers band together to support small, local businesses. From pizzerias to retail shops, business  owners across the country promote this movement with giveaways, special deals, and  thank-you gifts. Not only is it a great way to get customers in your doors, but it's also your chance to make an impression so they remember your brand.
shop small business saturday
American Express sponsors this movement, so AMEX cardholders can benefit even further. This year, card members can earn extra rewards, just for shopping small! Merchants who accept AMEX cards also benefit year round. Learn more on the American Express Website, and download a personalized marketing kit, complete with social media graphics and in-store posters.

shop small business saturday november 26

To get the most out of Small Business Saturday®, make sure you have something special to bring shoppers in. Promote heavily on social media, and send out emails. Whether you host an amazing contest, give a free gift, or have a great sale, the customers will notice it and appreciate the added effort. Many businesses do something extra special for their first 20 customers, as a way of saying "Thank You". Choose a few promotion ideas that work well for your business, and spend the next few days getting the word out there. Don't forget to use #ShopSmall on every post. You'll be surprised how many new and returning customers will come in!

5 Common Drop Shipping Questions Answered

By Sherrie Carter
on November 18, 2016

Northlight is a well-known and trusted purveyor of wholesale seasonal items. We supply Christmas Decorations, Patio Furniture, Seasonal Items, and Home Décor. In addition to supplying online shops and brick-and-mortar stores, we’re also a great resource for those interested in Drop Shipping. If you’re interested in drop-shipping, but haven’t decided what to sell and which suppliers to use, this post is your new best friend. Below, we have the five most important questions you should ask a supplier, along with our answers. If you’d like to learn more about drop shipping with Northlight, check out one of our earlier blog posts, and contact us. If you’re interested in another type of product, use our answers as a guideline for finding an ideal supplier.

northlight warehouse


Is there a minimum initial order, or can you pay as customers order? We offer a pay as you order program.  There is no monthly fee to access our site and no minimum order size. 

Do you require a Minimum Advertised Price for all retailers? We enforce a MAP(minimum advertised price) policy.  This is to protect our sellers from undercutting each other.  It also protects our street price.  Instead of lowering your prices to increase sales, we recommend unique titles & descriptions. 


Are retailers required to sell all products or can they cherry pick what works for their store? We give you access to our complete product library through a product feed, of which updates daily.  This allows you the opportunity to quickly add & update all of our items or just a handful of targeted skus.


What profit margin can I expect? 20%-80%


What is the average shipping time my customers can expect? All orders received before 7:00am EST will be processed same business day and will ship within 24HRs of being processed. All orders submitted after 7:00am EST will be processed next business day and will ship within 24HRs of being processed. All orders submitted after 7:00am EST on Friday will be processed the following Monday and shipped within 24Hrs of being processed.

Offer The Most Extensive Ornament Collection with Northlight

By Sherrie Carter
on November 10, 2016

If you're a holiday or seasonal retailer, you need to have an impressive stock of gorgeous ornaments in a myriad of color and style options. Northlight has you covered for that task! Your customers' taste will vary... some will want vibrant and retro, while others will want modern an pastel. Then you'll have other shoppers on the hunt for a collection of traditional red, white, or green ball ornaments. Make sure you have something for everyone! We can even help you suit the needs of collector's with our licensed line featuring vintage brands like Pepsi, Nerds, Laffy Taffy, Tootsie, & more. Check out just a few of our ornament options below or browse here , and contact us to learn more about building your own inventory for Christmas 2017!

Traditional Colors

Bold Colors

Shatterproof Balls


& Much More!



A Look At Northlight Santa Figures, Reindeer, & Snowmen!

By Sherrie Carter
on November 03, 2016

Northlight is proud to assist businesses in various ways during the holidays. For retailers, we offer an amazing selection of seasonal decorations that build an impressive inventory customers will love. We also offer commercial sized seasonal decorations for large buildings, offices, and other professional establishments. Whether your goals include large-scale decorating or inventory building, Northlight has your back the entire way.

Our extensive holiday collection features Christmas favorites like Santa Claus figures, decorative snowmen, window decorations, reindeer and so much more. Browse through our blog for more information on our wreaths, artificial trees, ornaments, and all things Christmas. Check out a few of our favorite items from the Christmas 2016 catalog, and request an account to learn more about working with us.

Below, you'll get a small glimpse at just some of the many items we offer. Choose from various styles, sizes, and themes to build your own special collections, unique to your brand. We hope you find a culmination of beautiful seasonal products that inspires new goals and ventures for your business. Please contact us or comment with any questions you may have!



northlight snowmen figures


Santa Figures

santa snow men reindeer


northlight reindeer table decorations christmas 2016

Three Elements of Productive Office Decor

By Sherrie Carter
on October 27, 2016

Decorate an office in a way that makes employees enjoy coming in each morning. Of course, company policy, office culture, job security, and working conditions play an important role in morale. However, you must not underestimate the importance of office aesthetics, decor, and greenery. Below, we highlight three areas to focus on, in order to create a happy, calm, and productive environment in which your employees spend much of their time.

 office decor


Plant Life

Find a quality plantscaper or interior gardening professional to help decorate the office with living greenery. You need professional services to help you select the best plants for cleaning air, improving light, and improving moods. The person you hire will help you determine which plants will suit your needs, and where to place them where they won't disrupt workday functions.


Artificial Plants & Trees

Once you have adequate plant life in the office, you may want to add a few artificial trees or high-maintenance plants. It can get overwhelming if you have too many plants that are difficult to keep alive (i.e. orchids). Try selecting a few artificial plants that give the office a bright, unique look, without costing too much time and money.


Seasonal and Holiday Decor

Stay current with the seasons and holidays. Keep your decor festive for whatever is currently going on, whether it's a brand anniversary, a national observance, or a religious holiday (that your brand identifies with). While some employees may not have a strong opinion either way, you will have many that love to see the office spruced up for the season. For most of us, holidays and seasons bring about happy memories and bright moods. The decor which surrounds your employees is incredibly important for this reason.

Pair these three elements with decor that represents your brand identity. If you care about your brand, and office aesthetics, it will show the employees that you care about them too.

Stunning Holiday Wreaths & Garland from Northlight

By Sherrie Carter
on October 20, 2016

Northlight's holiday collection features a beautiful array of seasonal wreaths and garland at wonderful wholesale pricing. Our program allows your business to get stunning decorations easily, whether you want to add them to inventory or use them for commercial decorating. We even have bigger pieces for large-scale storefront decorating.

First, browse our collection of wreaths and garland, to determine which items are best for your brand. We have a huge selection including unlit, pre-decorated, pre-lit, frosted, ornament, and snow flocked wreaths, garland, and even trees. Once you've selected, contact us for more information on how to order.

View a quick sample of some of our favorite wreaths & garland in the photo below, but believe us when we say there's SO much more. You can view the entire collection here: http://northlightseasonal.com/collections/wreaths-and-garland. We're confident you'll be so pleased with your order, that you'll return to us for year-round decorating needs. We're looking forward to helping you create something gorgeous for the holidays!

northlight wreaths and garland



5 Tips for Building a Brand & Creating a Logo

By Sherrie Carter
on October 06, 2016

Among the many tasks a new business owner has, creating a brand identity and logo is the most important. The color schemes, voice, and logo of your brand should be
consistent, so they require much consideration. There are no do-overs, because once people recognize your logo they remember your brand... and you do not want to
mess with that in any way.

Before getting started, view our essential tips and a few examples from successful brands. Learn from the best, consider your options at length, and then move forward.
In the early stages of brand creation, you may feel like options are limitless, so let us help you narrow it down. Remember, your goal is to leave a lasting impression,
build credibility, and send a message quickly. The logo you choose should do exactly this.

#1 - Determine a Color Scheme

Understand the psychology of color, and what your company will represent. If you offer financial services, green is obviously the way to go. Maybe you're selling beauty
products, in that case, pinks and neutrals make up the ideal color palette. Do you research to choose two-three colors you wish to use. Don't opt for too many colors
unless it fits your brand identity (example: Rainbow Bagels). The idea is to keep it simple so viewers can easily digest the information your logo delivers.

Coca-Cola has had the same color scheme and logo for decades. It consists of only two colors and one font, but we know what it is as soon as we see a fraction of the logo.
Their labels change with the season, but the colors and font always remain.


# 2 - Consider What Your Brand Represents

How do you want your customers to feel? Is your product or something that will better their lives? Think about what your brand offers, and find ways to include that in
your logo or tagline. So many brands are great at this. Clothing line LuLaRoe does this by using the tagline "Life is too short to wear boring clothes", which is perfect for a
brand that promotes unique clothing in limited quantities. Converse does it with a product. The "All Star" sneakers are just one of many products by converse, but they
have almost become their own brand. This style was used originally for basketball, and in later years it became a status symbol for the alternative/punk/emo crowds.
The logo includes the style name, and the traditional Converse star. Viewers instantly know this is a style by Converse just from the style, which is why there are so many
knock-off brands. They can create the same style, but because the logo on the back is simple, large, and clear, it's easy to determine which is the impostor.


#3 -Capture Interest Quickly

Your logo needs to capture the interest and attention of a viewer quickly. You can do this the way mentioned above, by sending a clear message through your logo.
Consider a variety of ways you can tell them what you offer in just a few seconds. This might sound challenging, but every good brand does this. For this one, let's talk
about the BMW logo. Their logo is clean, simple and clear. It looks like nothing BUT a car brand. They hit the nail on the head with this one. Because BMW makes a
luxurious, high quality car, their logo has become a status symbol for almost everyone. If you didn't know about BMW, you'd still see their logo and automatically think
"nice car".

#4 Be Unique & Make it Memorable

You need to stand out above your competition. Find a unique way to show who you are, and double check to make sure another brand isn't using something similar.
Take the Starbucks logo for example. There's nothing quite like it around, and when you see it you immediately know what it is. Even for those who don't like Starbucks,
they recognize what's in that cup. Even posting this photo right now makes me want a Vanilla Bean Frappuccino, and THAT is great branding!

#5 Put In a Good Effort, But DON'T Overthink It

While everything mentioned above requires time and effort... don't overdo it. Spend your time and resources on the logo, yes... but don't cut into the time you need to build your brand and establish credibility with your followers. While the logo is extremely important, it matters more how your brand engages with potential customers most. Don't forget that when working on the logo. Let's look at Apple products. Their logo is one color, and one simple image. It's just an apple, but the branding behind it is what makes it so memorable. Your marketing efforts and logo should work together in synergy. Never sacrifice one for the other, because they do their best together.

All About Our Beautiful Artificial Christmas Trees

By Sherrie Carter
on September 29, 2016

Artificial Christmas treesNorthlight is a premium distributor of incredibly beautiful artificial Christmas trees in a wide range of sizes and styles. Whether you need a large commercial tree or a collection of trees to offer customers, you're in great hands. We've got something for every brand, home, and personality.

Our collection includes various tree styles available in small table top sizes, 3.5' and smaller. We also have an impressive selection of trees sized perfectly for average home sizes, ranging from about 4-9.5' tall. For larger homes, businesses, and professional decorating, ranging anywhere from 10' to 40' tall. 

In addition to size, you have a wide array of styles from which to choose, including traditional Christmas trees, colorful styles, and trees with fiber optic branches. You'll also find elegant and novelty styles like frosted and snow flocked trees, upside down treesm twig trees, and half trees for walls. Then we have different styles, such as potted trees and topiaries.

Most of these options are available pre-lit, pre-decorated, and unlit to best suit varying needs. When we say we have something to suit every taste and style, we mean it! Browse our full collection of artificial holiday trees and contact us for more information on ordering!

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